Days at Home

Afternoon passes the sky as an angel dying slowly on a bed of cloud.
I am awake as I am walking and wondering
where was winter until now?


A walk in the woods from Kirkmichael to Blairquhan

A walk to the monument at sunset

The village glittered with night-fallen frost


Maybole Monument
Kildoon Monument
Maybole high street

SAM_1340 SAM_1341 SAM_1342 SAM_1346 SAM_1347 SAM_1348 SAM_1349 SAM_1350 SAM_1359
SAM_1361 SAM_1362 SAM_1363 SAM_1364 SAM_1365 SAM_1366 SAM_1367 SAM_1368 SAM_1369 SAM_1370 SAM_1371 SAM_1372 SAM_1379 SAM_1404 SAM_1405 SAM_1406 SAM_1407 SAM_1408 SAM_1409 SAM_1410 SAM_1411 SAM_1412 SAM_1414 SAM_1415 SAM_1417
SAM_1419 SAM_1420
SAM_1422 SAM_1423 SAM_1424 SAM_1384 SAM_1385 SAM_1386 SAM_1387 SAM_1388 SAM_1389 SAM_1390 SAM_1391
SAM_1393 SAM_1394 SAM_1394 SAM_1395 SAM_1396 SAM_1397 SAM_1398

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