Playlist: November 2016


In all honesty, I’m not sure this month actually existed. I seem to have spent most of it in bed trying to write essays which actually aren’t finished yet, so I’m not sure why I’m typing this up instead…but amidst all this chaos it seemed proper to maintain a sense of routine and mark the month as a set of 30 days in which yes in fact I did listen to things amidst all that reading and such forth. Sometime in December I’ll put together my records of the year like I did last year. It’s been a very good year for new albums, actually, despite all the other general awfulness of 2016.

WHITE – I Liked You So Much Better When You Needed Me

Clarence Clarity – Vapid Feels are Vapid

Eels – Fresh Blood

Braids – Letting Go

The Dirty Lies – Shallow Grave

DJ Rum – St Martins

Conor Oberst – Gossamer Thin

Fair Mothers – Blind (ft. Kathryn Joseph)

Sisyphus – Take Me

Palace – It’s Over

C Duncan – Other Side

Robert Smith – There’s A Girl In The Corner (Twilight Sad Cover)

Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire – Berlin

Hannah Peel – Invisible City

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