The Materiality of SR/OOO: Why Has It Proliferated?

I love this article. It crystallises a lot of thoughts I’ve had over the years about academia’s elitism and the effect this has on HOW we write, access information and interact with emergent thought. It also sets out the hopeful possibilities of new forms of ‘doing’ academia, from blogging to open-access publishing. I think OOO/SR are really exciting discourses for understanding our experience of the Anthropocene but also their reception within the academy and beyond is interesting in itself for what it says about how technology alters and accelerates the exchange of ideas in a manner that’s intellectually invigorating, always self-challenging, but also problematic. Worth a read!

Larval Subjects .

I’ve been astonished to see SR/OOO suddenly all over the place.  It’s appeared at art conferences, medieval studies conferences, rhetoric conferences, in anthropology, sociology, among design theorists, in media studies, among landscape design theorists, and a host of other places.  Why has it proliferated so quickly in the span of just a few years?  Tim Richardson– who is neither a speculative realist, nor an object-0riented ontologist –and I were discussing this last night in the context of some grumbling from some new materialists about OOO that he reported to me.  We were described as macho, ape-like chest thumpers; a description that I think, fails to take into account what participation online is like and the sort of interactions we have with others on a daily basis or how people tend to treat you online (it’s a pretty raw and demoralizing place, these internets, requiring you to have an extremely thick…

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