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Hello. I’m a redhead of questionable authenticity, though all my intentions as a pre-raphaelite sprite are sincere. Studying for an MLitt in Modernities at the University of Glasgow, writing my dissertation on dark ecology and the contemporary novel and otherwise serving tables and constantly typing nonsense/trash/poppycock semiotics (what).

Things I’ve done/am doing:

1) President of GUCW Society
2) Co-editor of SPAMzine
3) Editor of Gilded Dirt
4) Brasserie Queen for 2 years running (semi-retired)
5) Witchcraft

The girl that was once me started this blog back in 2013 as a self-set challenge to write more, to actually finish wee pieces and articles. Eventually it’s become this monstrous thing with essays on things like Wordsworth, Gossip Girl, nostalgia, Pokemon, the weather, The Archers, Lana Del Rey and vapourwave. Plz refrain from judging the cringe of the archives…

I try to muck about with visual art too and I bloody love music. RaveChild and GoldFlakePaint are kind enough to publish my reviews of records and gigs.

My all-time heroes so far in life are Tom McCarthy and Timothy Morton. <333

If you want a chat (let’s bring back email) or have a question or anything, find me at mariasledmere@outlook.com / strawberry_bonfire@hotmail.co.uk

/ maz