Recent Work


  • Existential Stationary: 42 Mad Men Haiku (SPAM Press, 2018)
  • lana del rey playing at a stripclub (Mermaid Motel, 2019)
  • nature sounds without nature sounds (Sad Press, 2019)
  • Rainbow Arcadia (Face Press, 2019)
  • Pure Sound (SPAM Press, 2019)
  • Virga (Earthbound Press, 2020)



  • MOTE, edited by Ryan Edwards, Dominic Hale and Maria Sledmere (2018). Cover art by Maria Sledmere.
  • Writings from Inverclyde: 2017-2019ed. by Anjeli Caderamanpulle, Eloise Birtwhistle, Kirsty Dunlop and Maria Sledmere.
  • makar / unmakar, an anthology of poets in Scotland, edited by Calum Rodger and published by Tapsalteerie.
  • On Being Used: A Strike Zine, ed. by Sophie Colins, Kirsty Dunlop, Jane Goldman, Colin Herd, Maria Sledmere.
  • MonteCarlo 1: A+E Recordings, an anthology of notes, visual materials, poetry, research and commissions from A+E Collective.
  • beware of these bereft dream cakes, a zine feat. work by Gloria Dawson, Kirsty Dunlop, Katy Lewis Hood and Maria Sledmere
  • cheeky fruita zine feat. dreams by Kirsty Dunlop and Maria Sledmere


Collaborative and Commissioned Work

  • ‘The Absent Material Gateway’ (2017) – sound/text/archive/installation project with Lanark Artefax and designer Martins Daknis
  • ‘Outro’ – (2018) acting/poetry (‘Remember Me’) in collaboration with Shanine Gallagher, Gabriel Greenough, Ciaran Devlin, Rory Green and Gianluca Bernacchi.
  • North Sea Dialect (Numbers, 2018) – poems
  • ‘Trauma Response Unit’ (2018) – collaboration with A+E Collective as part of the ‘Flesh and Finitude’ exhibition (curator: Zsófia Jakab) at GeneratorProjects within NEoN Festival in Dundee.
  • The Notebook (2018) – reimagining of J. S. Bach’s Notebook for Anna Magdalena in collaboration with Scott Crawford Morrison
  • Dream Fettuccine (2019) — collab with Colin Herd for The Enemies Project/Camarade, curated by SJ Fowler and performed at Rich Mix, Shoreditch.
  • The Microbiota (2019)— image/text collab with A+E Collective for MAP Magazine’s issue #49: ‘Couldn’t We Just Bee?’
  • Cli-Fi: The New Weird (2019) — collaboration with A+E Collective, filmmaker Winnie Brook Young and Creative Carbon Scotland/Green Tease for UNFIX Festival. Workshop and film screening at CCA, Glasgow. 
  • ‘Inbox Unconscious’ (2019) — collab with Sophie-Carolin Wagner for the European Poetry Festival, curated by SJ Fowler and performed at the International Anthony Burgess Centre, Manchester.
  • ‘On My Way Home’ (2019) — reading group on ecology, home and belonging hosted with A+E Collective and Market Gallery.
  • ‘A Little Tempest’ (2019) — article co-written with Ane Lopez and Finn Arschavir of A+E Collective. Published in Psyche 2: CONFRONTATIONS.
  • A+E Eco-clinic (2019) — Presentation, meditative sequence and clay-making workshop commissioned by Tendency Towards for Aberdeen Assembly
  • Pure Sound: Traversing the Ambient Vernacular (2019) — Sonic essay performance with Max Parnell for Sound Thought: Motion. University of Glasgow.
  • The Curator’s Workshop (2019) – Presentation, workshop and film screening with A+E Collective at CCA, Glasgow.
  • NOTES Launch, issue 6 (2019) – Presentation and reading with A+E Collective, in association with TalkSeePhotography at CCA, Glasgow.

Gilded Dirt





Reviews & Features for SPAM

Short Stories/Fiction


Flash Fiction

GUCW Society Flash Fiction February Anthologies: 
28 Days
Serial Flashers



  • Paper on Zelda Fitzgerald for Transatlantic Women Writers Symposium @ Glasgow Women’s Library, June 2017
  • ‘Dark Ecologies of Textual Energy: Anthropocene Aesthetics and Ethics in Ben Lerner’s 10:04 and Tom McCarthy’s Satin Island‘, at Petrocultures 2018 conference, The University of Glasgow, September 1st 2018
  • ‘”the mood of the sea is catching”: Channelling the Hydrospace of Contemporary Eco-Poetic Lyric’, at A Place on the Edge: ASLE-UKI 2018, Orkney, September 7th 2018.
  • ‘Queer Ecology and the Journaling of Crisis in Derek Jarman’s Modern Nature‘, at Land Lines, University of Leeds, February 2019.
  • ‘”a tangential line which opens up to infinity”: Etel Adnan & art-writing in dialogue’ (with Katy Lewis Hood), at Modernist Art Writing, University of Nottingham, June 2019.
  • ‘Seams of the Anthropocene: Tracing Textualities of Encounter through Creative-Critical Practice’, at ASLE-uki 2019, University of Plymouth, September 5th 2019.


  • Launch Parties for SPAM #2, #3, #4, #5 @ The Poetry Club
  • Haunt You Down w/ The Dirty Lies @ The Poetry Club
  • Transatlantic Creative Writing Showcase @ CCA
  • Launch Night for From Glasgow to Saturn issue 38 @ The Dram!
  • Launch Night for GUM, The Empathy Issue @ The Dram!
  • Vagabond Voices: An Evening With Gary Duncan @ Waterstones Byres Road
  • JR Green’s C O L O U R  T E L E V I S I O N Club Night @ Blackfriars
  • New Writers Showcase @ The Hunterian
  • Launch Night for Quotidian Mag @ The Butterfly and Pig
  • SPAM #5 launch night @ The Poetry Club
  • New Writers Showcase @ CCA, October 2017
  • From Glasgow to Saturn issue 39 launch night @ Dram!
  • University of Glasgow Reading Party, November 2017
  • Boiler House Press Launch @ University of Glasgow, December 2017
  • GoldFlakePaint Christmas Secret Show, with Molly Linen, JoJoWorthington and Scott Hutchison, December 2017
  • ‘Dare to Speak II’ LGBT Poetry Night @ Kelvin Hall
  • Litanies for Eco-Dissonance – performance in collaboration with sound artist Vasilis Al for A+E Disconnection launch, ‘But There There is No Land Near the End’ @ Art School, March 2018
  • From Glasgow to Saturn Issue 40 launch @ The Raven, April 2018
  • That’s Hot! SPAM vs. Glasgow International Poetry Event @ The Poetry Club, May 2018 (in collaboration with Lucian Moriyama)
  • Do Not Make The MAP Magazine Launch @ CCA, May 2018
  • nEW wRITERS sHOWCASE in association with West End Festival @ The Hunterian, June 2018
  • From Glasgow to Saturn issue 41 launch @ The Dram, Glasgow, September 2018
  • Soft Shell @ Poetry Club, November 2018
  • Notebook – in collaboration with Scott Morrison for Piuu, @ For Fika Sake, November 2018
  • Launch of Pratyusha’s Night Waters (Zarf editions) @ Typewronger books, December 2018
  • Launch of Callie Gardner’s Naturally It Is Not (87 Press) @ Category Is, December 2018
  • POWER – The Poetic of Women Resistance @ the Space, Glasgow, February 2019
  • Camarade/ The Enemies Project @ Rich Mix, Shoreditch, February 2019
  • Queer Theory @ Nice n Sleazy’s, Glasgow, February 2019
  • Readings: Anna Gurton-Wachter (NYC) & guests @ Good Press, Glasgow, June 2019.
  • The Lunar Erratum: Performance for Poem Brut @ Rich Mix, London, July 2019.
  • A Pot of Soil: Collaborative performance with Astra Papachristodoulou for Camarade, Torriano Meeting House, London, July 2019.
  • Sad Hospitality: A Lyric Essay: P*cha K*cha presentation delivered in Glasgow, August 2019.
  • ‘Pure Sound: Traversing the Ambient Vernacular’: audio-lyric essay in collaboration with Max Parnell, delivered at Sound Thought: Motion, University of Glasgow, August 2019.
  • Reading: Launch of makar / unmakar, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh 2019.
  • Reading: Launch of Colin Herd’s You Name It, Tennents Glasgow, December 2019.
  • Reading: Launch of Rainbow Arcadia and SWATCH by Katy Lewis Hood, Typewronger Books, Edinburgh 2019.
  • Reading: Just Not #6, Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh 2019.
  • Reading: Launch of makar / unmakar, Typewronger Books, Edinburgh 2020.
  • Reading: Psyche: An Evening of Poetry and Spoken Word, Glasgow Zine Library, Glasgow 2020.