Piece on The Absent Material Gateway in Dazed

Piece on Spam in Dazed 

Spam x Glasgow International in Glasgow Live

Show #3 ‘Cut Your Hair and Get a Job’ – Spam Interview on Subcity Radio

Nature Writing Workshop in Munich, June 2018. British Council Press Release


End of Year Discussion 2017, with Lorenzo Pacitti (LP Records), Tom Jonson (GoldFlakePaint) & Craig Angus (Savage Mansion) 

Gilded Dirt

Issue 1

Issue 2: Supermarket Verse

Music Reviews

[ For The List ]

Feature: Courtney Marie Andrews

Record Review: Firestations – The Year Dot

Feature/Preview: Nile Rodger’s Fiesta x Fold Festival 

[ For London in Stereo ]

Album Review: Cloud – Plays With Fire

[ For GoldFlakePaint ]

Record Review: Half Waif – ‘form/a’ EP

Record Premiere: Aye Nako – Silver Haze 

Record Premiere: Nugget – ‘Watermelon’ 

Review/Interview/Feature: ‘Making Lighting Strike’ – A Conversation with Wuh Oh

Record Review/Feature: Withered Hand and A Singer of Songs – ‘Among Horses I’

Record Premiere: Debbie Downer – ‘I Did It All For You’

Video Premiere: AyOwA – ‘Fri’ 

Feature: ‘Discover the magical, country-tinged folk of Erin Rae’ 

Long-read–“Sweetheart Psychopathic Crush”: On Lorde’s Melodrama and Pop’s New Maximalist Palette

Long-read: A Conversation with Phoebe Bridgers

Feature: “Ethereal Passage”: An interview with Saint Sister

‘Literary Pleasures’: A Conversation with Kiran Leonard

First Listen: Knightstown – ‘Eyes Open Wide’

Album Review: Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, Lotta Sea Lice

Long-read–Solitude Sometimes Is: How Contemporary Music Negotiates Loneliness

Premiere: Ellis May, ‘Father’

Album Review: Hirola, Hirola 

Album Review: Sufjan Stevens, The Greatest Gift 

Premiere: Misty Boyce – ‘Get Over You’

Premiere: Alela Davies – Émigré

Album Premiere: Tominga – Pain is Mine

Essay: Not Even Happiness (Julie Byrne) ~ GoldFlakePaint’s album of the year feature

Album Blurbs: Fazerdaze, Breakfast Muff, Spinning Coin, Golden Teacher

New Music: I, Alexander – ‘Sturdy Thoughts’

Video Premiere: Trembling Bells – ‘Christ’s Entry into Govan’

Essay: ‘Tell Me to Remember: Travels in Constants by Songs: Ohia’

New Music: Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee

In-depth: ‘Faking the Fall’: An Interview with Anna Burch

Album Review: S. Carey – Hundred Acres 

Album Review: Schultz & Forever – Grand Guignol 

EP Review: Zoe Boekbinder & Dustin Hamman – Among Horses II

In depth: A Conversation with Haley Heynderickx

Album Stream: Emma Tricca – St Peter

In depth: A Conversation with Many Rooms

New Music: Mess – ‘Cave’

New Music: Gillian Frances – Born Yesterday EP

[ For RaveChild ]

Live Review: Sunflower Bean @ Broadcast

Record Review: Modern Studies – Swell to Great

Record Review: The Pictish Trail – Future Echoes

Record Review: Civil Elegies – Combat

Live Review: Beth Orton @ Saint Lukes

Record Review – Star Rover – ‘Oxymorons/Liars’

Live Review: Wuh Oh @ The Poetry Club

Record Review: TeenCanteen – Say It All With A Kiss

Record Review: Savage Mansion – ‘Everyone to the Savage Mansion’

Live Review: Indigo Velvet @ The Hug and Pint

Live Review: Crystal Castles @ The Garage

Record Review: Stop the Rain – ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ 

Record Review: Kathryn Joseph – ‘the blood / the coming’ 

Record Review: Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire – Swithering 

Live Review: Palace @ King Tuts

Record Review: Fair Mothers – Through Them Fingers Yours And Mine

Record Review: Indigo Velvet – ‘Sunrise’ 

Record Review: White Baer – ‘The Tide in My Lungs’ 

Record Review: Kinbrae – Tidal Patterns

Record Review: Verse Metrics – ‘We’ll Be Listening Until We’re Old and Unsteady’

Live Review: Martha Ffion @ The Hug and Pint

Record Review: Ded Rabbit – ‘Figurine’

Record Review: Ayakara – ‘Dressed from ’67’

Record Review: Kid Canaveral – ‘Callous Parting Gift’

Live Review: Little Comets @ Saint Lukes

Record Review: Pronto Mama, ‘Arabesque’

Live Review: Pinegrove @ Stereo

Record Review: Sacred Paws – ‘Strike a Match’

Record Review: Catholic Action ‘Doing Well’

Live Review: Fazerdaze @ The Hug and Pint

Record Review: Spinning Coin – ‘Raining on Hope Street / Tin’

Record Review: The Phantoms – ‘Shadows’

Live Review: Pronto Mama @ Art School

Live Review: Marika Hackman @ King Tuts

Record Review: Lush Purr – Cuckoo Waltz 

Live Review: West End Festival All Dayer 2017 @ Oran Mor

Record Review: Happy Meals – Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony, Vol. IV-V

Live Review: SOUNDING ~ Lomond Campbell & Modern Studies @ Stockbridge Church

Live Review: Phoebe Bridgers, James Hindle @ Broadcast

Live Review: Withered Hand @ The Glad Café

Live Review: Beth Orton, Blue Rose Code @ O2 ABC

Live Review: Fieldhead, Kinbrae @ Glad Café

Record Review: LYLO – Post-Era

Record Review: Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’


From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 28

Robida 02 

Spam Zine (issues #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)

‘Extract from a Lost Chat Log’ – qmunicreate

‘Finnieston, December 3rd’ – qmunicreate

‘Sid and Cassie’ – Foxglove Journal

‘Trip to Arran’ – Germ Magazine

‘Gift of a Spear Thistle’ – Germ Magazine

‘Sylvia’ – Transatlantic Literary Women

‘Zelda’ – Transatlantic Literary Women

‘Nostalgia Makes Us Silver’ – qmunicreate

‘After the Ad on Gumtree’ – quotidianmag

‘Galloway Fading’, ‘Waiting for You Outside Sleazy’s – GUM Magazine, ‘Space/Place’ issue

‘Steak, Lobster & Sparkling Wine’ – GUM Magazine, ‘Empathy’ issue

‘Metempsychosis’, ‘this causes teeth to rot’ – From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 38

‘they say i miss you too much’ – Thistle Magazine

‘A Habitat of Sky’ – The Murmur House

Five Poems – fluland

‘Sidereal Ode’, ‘Penelope’s desert reverie’ – Thistle Magazine

‘lemon (1)’ – Word Life Manchester 

‘Sticky Ellipses, My Favourite Silver’ – Bombus Press, Issue 3

‘Heliotropism’ – York St. John Pollination Project

‘Bacteria (1)’ and ‘Bacteria (2)’ – sphinx 

‘Calanais’ – From Glasgow to Saturn issue 39

‘obelisk disco’, ‘Paleo Foods’, ‘Osculation’ in Adjacent Pineapple issue 2

‘A Piece of Sea Heart’ – amberflora issue 1

‘a precious glitch’ – Under issue 1

‘Tanqueray’ – E-ratio, issue 25 

‘To My Brother, Far Far Away’ – Sawney Lit Magazine

‘Beautiful Anatomical Diagrams’, ‘Oread #2’, ‘Pear Tree Synecdoche’ – Erotoplasty, issue 1

‘the coral channel’ ~ Amberflora issue 2

‘Altitude Fugue’ – ZARF issue 11

‘Choir Girl Litanies’ – five poems written for Martha Ffion Album Launch @ Mono, Glasgow 10/3/18 with design by  Douglas Pattison.

‘At the Gin Tasting’ – Really System issue 18

Four Poems in NOWHERE zine Volume 1

‘Disposable Lighter’ – former cactus 


Poem: ‘Fort of the Yew Tree’ in Moira Buchanan’s All Washed Up exhibition @ The Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine (2016)


‘Spells for Milk and Honey’ – DATABLEED, issue 6

‘Disco Polaroids’, ‘Astral Pastorals’ – DATABLEED, issue 7 

‘Deja Vu’ – OCCULUM

‘Triplets for Winter’ – Half Mystic Journal Issue IV

Archive Texts for The Absent Material Gateway (2017)

Litanies for Eco-Dissance (extract) – A+E Collective’s ‘Disconnect’ publication


Reflective Piece: ‘Saving a Life: Anorexia and the Blogging Community’ – Germ Magazine

Review: Transatlantic Creative Writing Showcase @ the CCA [USSO]

Review: Nad Haq (ed.) RAVE: Rave and Its Influences on Art and Culture – The Kelvingrove Review Issue 16, Rise and Fall

Reflective Piece: ‘Apple Pie Soup’ – Scottish Book Trust

Review: Transatlantic Symposium @ Glasgow Women’s Library [USSO]

Three Essays: ‘Love Letter from the Anthropocene’, ‘Lime Tree’ and ‘Isthmus’ – Numéro Cinq

Review: Emilia Weber’s ‘Familiars’ for Zarf #9

Lyric Essay: ‘Elegiac Light: On Dark Pastoral, The Poetics of Dusk’ – L’Ephemere Review, Issue VII

‘Start Living Free’ – Hold My Purse

Review: Colin Herd’s Click & Collect for Zarf 10

Review – ‘Meadows and Lemons: Ecological Enmeshment in Timothy Berrigan’s “By Letting Rooms”‘ for SPAM zine

Review – Marianne Morris’ Word/World for Adjacent Pineapple

Essay: ‘Liminal Labour: A Survival Narrative for Servers’ in Do Not Make The (MAP)

Guest Blog for Creative Carbon Scotland: But There is No Land Near the End – Reflections on A+E’s debut publication & launch

Review – The Poetics of Sand: Psammomancy by Brian Lavelle and Mark Valentine – Glasgow Review of Books

Essay – 21st June – essay daily

Guest Blog for British Council – ‘Meadows are strangely multifarious things’

Short Stories/Fiction

‘Gorse Wine’ – From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 38

‘Alcove’ – L’Ephemere Review, Issue VII

‘Lindaville’ – From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 39

‘500-Year Flood’ – Bad Pony Mag

‘My Secret is Silence’, ‘Peanut Butter’ – L’Ephemere Review Issue XI


The Ginger Collect 3/10/17

Flash Fiction

‘Scattered Ashes’ – Foxglove Journal

‘Winning the Tombola’ – Foxglove Journal

‘A Golden Voice’ – Thistle Magazine

‘The Queerness of Undine’ – Germ Magazine [March Writing Challenge Featured Story]

Extract from Mythemes of Citrus: Milk and Honey – Thistle Magazine

‘Cordelia’ – The Ginger Collect

‘The Actress’ – Word Life Manchester

GUCW Society Flash Fiction February Anthologies: 
28 Days
Serial Flashers


Firefly Magazine, Issue 9

DATABLEED zine, Issue 6

DATABLEED zine, Issue 7

Cover Art: ‘The Lonely’ by Alexis Bates, via Luminous Press

L’Ephemere Review, Issue VII

Cover Art: From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 39

Cover Art: Ricochet in Other Places, by Harry Brookes-Kent

Erotoplasty, issue 1

Tentacular Mag, issue 1


Paper on Zelda Fitzgerald for Transatlantic Women Writers Symposium @ Glasgow Women’s Library, June 2017


Launch Parties for SPAM #2, #3, #4, #5 @ The Poetry Club

Haunt You Down w/ The Dirty Lies @ The Poetry Club

Transatlantic Creative Writing Showcase @ CCA

Launch Night for From Glasgow to Saturn issue 38 @ The Dram!

Launch Night for GUM, The Empathy Issue @ The Dram!

Vagabond Voices: An Evening With Gary Duncan @ Waterstones Byres Road

JR Green’s C O L O U R  T E L E V I S I O N Club Night @ Blackfriars

New Writers Showcase @ The Hunterian

Launch Night for Quotidian Mag @ The Butterfly and Pig

SPAM #5 launch night @ The Poetry Club

New Writers Showcase @ CCA, October 2017

From Glasgow to Saturn issue 39 launch night @ Dram!

University of Glasgow Reading Party, November 2017

Boiler House Press Launch @ University of Glasgow, December 2017

GoldFlakePaint Christmas Secret Show, with Molly Linen, JoJoWorthington and Scott Hutchison, December 2017

‘Dare to Speak II’ LGBT Poetry Night @ Kelvin Hall

Litanies for Eco-Dissonance – performance in collaboration with sound artist Vasilis Al for A+E Disconnection launch, ‘But There There is No Land Near the End’ @ Art School, March 2018

From Glasgow to Saturn Issue 40 launch @ The Raven, April 2018

That’s Hot! SPAM vs. Glasgow International Poetry Event @ The Poetry Club, May 2018 (in collaboration with Lucian Moriyama)

Do Not Make The MAP Magazine Launch @ CCA, May 2018

nEW wRITERS sHOWCASE in association with West End Festival @ The Hunterian, June 2018