Piece on The Absent Material Gateway in Dazed

Piece on Spam in Dazed 

Spam x Glasgow International in Glasgow Live

Show #3 ‘Cut Your Hair and Get a Job’ – Spam Interview on Subcity Radio

Nature Writing Workshop in Munich, June 2018. British Council Press Release

Colin Herd reviewing Existential Stationary in Adjacent Pineapple

‘Best of the Net 2018 Anthology’ Nomination for short story ‘Peanut Butter’, by L’Ephemere Review 


MOTE, edited by Ryan Edwards, Dominic Hale and Maria Sledmere (2018). Cover art by Maria Sledmere.


End of Year Discussion 2017, with Lorenzo Pacitti (LP Records), Tom Jonson (GoldFlakePaint) & Craig Angus (Savage Mansion) 

Mixed Collab

‘The Absent Material Gateway’ (2017) – sound/text/archive/installation project with Lanark Artefax and designer Martins Daknis

‘Outro’ – (2018) acting/poetry (‘Remember Me’) in collaboration with Shanine Gallagher, Gabriel Greenough, Ciaran Devlin, Rory Green and Gianluca Bernacchi.

North Sea Dialect (Numbers, 2018) – poems

‘Trauma Response Unit’ (2018) – collaboration with A+E Collective as part of the ‘Flesh and Finitude’ exhibition (curator: Zsófia Jakab) at GeneratorProjects within NEoN Festival in Dundee.

The Notebook (2018) – reimagining of J. S. Bach’s Notebook for Anna Magdalena in collaboration with Scott Crawford Morrison

Gilded Dirt

Issue 1

Issue 2: Supermarket Verse

Issue 3: Vibrant Ruins


(oldest to most recent)

From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 28

Robida 02 

Spam Zine (issues #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)

‘Extract from a Lost Chat Log’ – qmunicreate

‘Finnieston, December 3rd’ – qmunicreate

‘Sid and Cassie’ – Foxglove Journal

‘Trip to Arran’ – Germ Magazine

‘Gift of a Spear Thistle’ – Germ Magazine

‘Sylvia’ – Transatlantic Literary Women

‘Zelda’ – Transatlantic Literary Women

‘Nostalgia Makes Us Silver’ – qmunicreate

‘After the Ad on Gumtree’ – quotidianmag

‘Galloway Fading’, ‘Waiting for You Outside Sleazy’s – GUM Magazine, ‘Space/Place’ issue

‘Steak, Lobster & Sparkling Wine’ – GUM Magazine, ‘Empathy’ issue

‘Metempsychosis’, ‘this causes teeth to rot’ – From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 38

‘they say i miss you too much’ – Thistle Magazine

‘A Habitat of Sky’ – The Murmur House

Five Poems – fluland

‘Sidereal Ode’, ‘Penelope’s desert reverie’ – Thistle Magazine

‘lemon (1)’ – Word Life Manchester 

‘Sticky Ellipses, My Favourite Silver’ – Bombus Press, Issue 3

‘Heliotropism’ – York St. John Pollination Project

‘Bacteria (1)’ and ‘Bacteria (2)’ – sphinx 

‘Calanais’ – From Glasgow to Saturn issue 39

‘obelisk disco’, ‘Paleo Foods’, ‘Osculation’ in Adjacent Pineapple issue 2

‘A Piece of Sea Heart’ – amberflora issue 1

‘a precious glitch’ – Under issue 1

‘Tanqueray’ – E-ratio, issue 25 

‘To My Brother, Far Far Away’ – Sawney Lit Magazine

‘Beautiful Anatomical Diagrams’, ‘Oread #2’, ‘Pear Tree Synecdoche’ – Erotoplasty, issue 1

‘the coral channel’ ~ Amberflora issue 2

‘Altitude Fugue’ – ZARF issue 11

‘Choir Girl Litanies’ – five poems written for Martha Ffion Album Launch @ Mono, Glasgow 10/3/18 with design by  Douglas Pattison.

‘At the Gin Tasting’ – Really System issue 18

Four Poems in NOWHERE zine Volume 1

‘Disposable Lighter’ – former cactus 

‘hibiscus synthesis’ – Plumwood Mountain 

‘Radials’ and ‘Essay in Firs’ – Gutter issue 18

’99 Rare Candies’ in Datableed issue 10

‘Object Sheltering’ in Cumulus, issue 2 

‘Sunday Best’ and ‘Is There a Possibility of No Space’ in Plaster Cocktail Zine, Vol. 1

‘Lend Me’ and ‘Lost Your’ in Cloud Catcher zine, issue 1

‘Security Deluxe’ and ‘Autumn Equinox’ in Anti-Heroin Chic

‘Cherry Pie at the Latent Picnic’ and ‘Millennial Weathering’ in Flesh + Finitude (ed. Zsófia Jakab)


Poem: ‘Fort of the Yew Tree’ in Moira Buchanan’s All Washed Up exhibition @ The Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine (2016)


‘Spells for Milk and Honey’ – DATABLEED, issue 6

‘Disco Polaroids’, ‘Astral Pastorals’ – DATABLEED, issue 7 

‘Deja Vu’ – OCCULUM

‘Triplets for Winter’ – Half Mystic Journal Issue IV

Archive Texts for The Absent Material Gateway (2017)

Litanies for Eco-Dissance (extract) – A+E Collective’s publication, But There is No Land Near the End (2018)


Reflective Piece: ‘Saving a Life: Anorexia and the Blogging Community’ – Germ Magazine

Review: Transatlantic Creative Writing Showcase @ the CCA [USSO]

Review: Nad Haq (ed.) RAVE: Rave and Its Influences on Art and Culture – The Kelvingrove Review Issue 16, Rise and Fall

Reflective Piece: ‘Apple Pie Soup’ – Scottish Book Trust

Review: Transatlantic Symposium @ Glasgow Women’s Library [USSO]

Three Essays: ‘Love Letter from the Anthropocene’, ‘Lime Tree’ and ‘Isthmus’ – Numéro Cinq

Review: Emilia Weber’s ‘Familiars’ for Zarf #9

Lyric Essay: ‘Elegiac Light: On Dark Pastoral, The Poetics of Dusk’ – L’Ephemere Review, Issue VII

‘Start Living Free’ – Hold My Purse

Review: Colin Herd’s Click & Collect for Zarf 10

Review – ‘Meadows and Lemons: Ecological Enmeshment in Timothy Berrigan’s “By Letting Rooms”‘ for SPAM zine

Review – Marianne Morris’ Word/World for Adjacent Pineapple

Essay: ‘Liminal Labour: A Survival Narrative for Servers’ in Do Not Make The (MAP)

Guest Blog for Creative Carbon Scotland: But There is No Land Near the End – Reflections on A+E’s debut publication & launch

Review – The Poetics of Sand: Psammomancy by Brian Lavelle and Mark Valentine – Glasgow Review of Books

Essay – 21st June – essay daily

Guest Blog for British Council – ‘Meadows are strangely multifarious things’

Review: ‘All Woven Feeling: Lyric Transition and Nomadic Exchange in Threads by Sandeep Parmar, Nisha Ramayya and Bhanu Kapil’

Essay in Burning House Press: Cybergoth Archaeology: The Seductive Datacombs of OPN’s Age Of

Reviews & Features for SPAM

Review: Strange Appetites: The Seductive Contemplation of Supermarket Poetics in Max Parnell’s And no more being outdoors, And no more rain

Review: Meadows and Lemons: Ecological Enmeshment in Timothy Berrigan’s “By Letting Rooms”

Review: All Woven Feeling: Lyric Transition and Nomadic Exchange in Threads by Sandeep Parmar, Nisha Ramayya and Bhanu Kapil

SPAM Cut: ‘p // toG’ by Anthony Daly

SPAM Cut: ‘southern gothic’ by A. K. Blakemore

SPAM Digest: ‘Andrew Pekler charts imagined sounds on interactive atlas, Phantom Islands’, by Scott Wilson // ‘Flunks of Ambivalence: On Flarf’, by Andrew Epstein

SPAM Cut: ‘Blue #1’ by Imogen Cassels

Essay: Dogs in Fiction (Canine Crisis)

SPAM Digest: ‘How to Write About a Vanishing World’ by Elizabeth Kolbert // ‘Erasing the signs of labour under the signs of happiness: “joy” and “fidelity” as bromides in literary translation’ by Sophie Collins

Essay: King of the Normies

SPAM Cut: ‘When Overfull of Pain I’ by Jorie Graham


Short Stories/Fiction

‘Gorse Wine’ – From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 38

‘Alcove’ – L’Ephemere Review, Issue VII

‘Lindaville’ – From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 39

‘500-Year Flood’ – Bad Pony Mag

‘My Secret is Silence’, ‘Peanut Butter’ – L’Ephemere Review Issue XI

‘Azul’ – Gutter issue 18

‘Fifty Sketches for Lua’ – From Glasgow to Saturn issue 41


The Ginger Collect 3/10/17

Flash Fiction

‘Scattered Ashes’ – Foxglove Journal

‘Winning the Tombola’ – Foxglove Journal

‘A Golden Voice’ – Thistle Magazine

‘The Queerness of Undine’ – Germ Magazine [March Writing Challenge Featured Story]

Extract from Mythemes of Citrus: Milk and Honey – Thistle Magazine

‘Cordelia’ – The Ginger Collect

‘The Actress’ – Word Life Manchester

‘Tennents’ – Plaster Cocktail Zine, Vol. 1

GUCW Society Flash Fiction February Anthologies: 
28 Days
Serial Flashers


Firefly Magazine, Issue 9

DATABLEED zine, Issue 6

DATABLEED zine, Issue 7

Cover Art: ‘The Lonely’ by Alexis Bates, via Luminous Press

L’Ephemere Review, Issue VII

Cover Art: From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 39

Cover Art: Ricochet in Other Places, by Harry Brookes-Kent

Erotoplasty, issue 1

Tentacular Mag, issue 1

Three images: Datableed issue 10


Paper on Zelda Fitzgerald for Transatlantic Women Writers Symposium @ Glasgow Women’s Library, June 2017

‘Dark Ecologies of Textual Energy: Anthropocene Aesthetics and Ethics in Ben Lerner’s 10:04 and Tom McCarthy’s Satin Island‘, at Petrocultures 2018 conference, The University of Glasgow, September 1st 2018

‘”the mood of the sea is catching”: Channelling the Hydrospace of Contemporary Eco-Poetic Lyric’, at A Place on the Edge: ASLE-UKI 2018, Orkney, September 7th 2018.


Launch Parties for SPAM #2, #3, #4, #5 @ The Poetry Club

Haunt You Down w/ The Dirty Lies @ The Poetry Club

Transatlantic Creative Writing Showcase @ CCA

Launch Night for From Glasgow to Saturn issue 38 @ The Dram!

Launch Night for GUM, The Empathy Issue @ The Dram!

Vagabond Voices: An Evening With Gary Duncan @ Waterstones Byres Road

JR Green’s C O L O U R  T E L E V I S I O N Club Night @ Blackfriars

New Writers Showcase @ The Hunterian

Launch Night for Quotidian Mag @ The Butterfly and Pig

SPAM #5 launch night @ The Poetry Club

New Writers Showcase @ CCA, October 2017

From Glasgow to Saturn issue 39 launch night @ Dram!

University of Glasgow Reading Party, November 2017

Boiler House Press Launch @ University of Glasgow, December 2017

GoldFlakePaint Christmas Secret Show, with Molly Linen, JoJoWorthington and Scott Hutchison, December 2017

‘Dare to Speak II’ LGBT Poetry Night @ Kelvin Hall

Litanies for Eco-Dissonance – performance in collaboration with sound artist Vasilis Al for A+E Disconnection launch, ‘But There There is No Land Near the End’ @ Art School, March 2018

From Glasgow to Saturn Issue 40 launch @ The Raven, April 2018

That’s Hot! SPAM vs. Glasgow International Poetry Event @ The Poetry Club, May 2018 (in collaboration with Lucian Moriyama)

Do Not Make The MAP Magazine Launch @ CCA, May 2018

nEW wRITERS sHOWCASE in association with West End Festival @ The Hunterian, June 2018

From Glasgow to Saturn issue 41 launch @ The Dram, Glasgow, September 2018

Soft Shell @ Poetry Club, November 2018

Notebook – in collaboration with Scott Morrison for Piuu, @ For Fika Sake, November 2018